National Level Conference on Public Health Aspects of Nutrition towards Sustainable Development Goals

Nutritional health issues have continued to remain as public health problems across the world. India being a developing country with wider socio-economic, demographic, cultural and behavioral diversities contributes to significant burden of nutritional problems globally. Though the country offers large-scale community nutrition programs and interventions, there is still a lot to do in improving the nutritional status of its population. India is committed to strive for achieving the UN Sustainable development goals set in the year 2015. Improving the nutritional status of people plays a major role in achieving goal 2 – zero hunger; goal 3 – good health and wellbeing; goal 12 – sustainable consumption and production. Nevertheless, other SDGs are also going to get indirectly influenced by achieving these three major SDG’s related to nutrition and health.


offers a forum for the experts in the field of food, diet and nutrition to showcase their ideas, innovations, experiences and research to the world. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of nutrition across the country. Young researchers and experts can share their research findings through oral and poster presentations as a part of this conference.