Oral / Poster

Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentation

Sub-themes/ Categories for oral and poster presentation:

1. Epidemiology of nutritional health problems across life stages
2. Public health nutritional intervention and assessment
3. Food security, nutrition, and sustainable development goals
4. Food safety and consumer perception
5. Innovation in nutrition and wellness
6. Public health workforce and building resilient communities

Guidelines for abstract submission:

• The abstract related to sub-themes of the conference should be typed in Times New Roman Font 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
• Title, Author(s) Name(s), Designation and Affiliation, Email id of the presenting author should be mentioned below the title      at the beginning of the abstract.
• The title of the abstract should be bold and in capital letters, center-aligned. Do not use Abbreviations in the title. Restrict     the words in   title to 25

The First Letter of the author(s) name(s) must be a Capital letter. The presenting author’s name should be bold and underlined.

• Use the superscripts to indicate the designation and affiliated institutions.
• The structure of the abstract must include, Background, Aim/Objective, Methods & Materials, Results & Conclusion.
•  List the most relevant 3-5 Keywords. Type them in italics, Times New Roman Font size of 12.
• The abstract should not exceed 350 words excluding the Title, Name(s) of the author(s), and Affiliations, Keywords. It must be Justified   text (Align text evenly between margins).


• The presenting author must send the declaration stating that they are submitting an original research paper that was not published   earlier or/and not submitted for publication.
• Registration is a must for the presenting author. If presenting author is a student or Research scholar, enclose the declaration certified by   the Head of the Institution.
• Mention the desirous mode of presentation (Oral/Poster) of your research paper. For the oral presentation, the best papers will be   selected through blind review. The acceptance for the paper presentation will be informed within 7 days. Review-based studies will not be   considered for oral presentation
• E-mail the soft copy of your abstract to this id: within the last date of submission. Late submission will not be   considered for scrutiny.